Cirque du SoGay VIII was held on October 1, 2016.

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Cirque du SoGAY??


Cirque du SoGAY is Queer Bike Gang (QBG)'s annual bicycle tour of the hottest Queer establishments in the Twin Cities.  Cirque du SoGay was created to celebrate Queer culture while connecting people to LGBTQ resources in the community, and is followed by an awards ceremony, performances, and a big gay dance party.

The ride portion of Cirque du SoGay is structured as a more laid-back version of urban "alleycat" races.  Essentially, the ride is a scavenger hunt on bike.  Each racer receives a list of stops at our meet-up location and tries to visit as many stops as ze can in the alotted time (about 3 hours).  At most stops, racers will be asked to perform a challenge for which they can win prizes. 

The great thing about Cirque du SoGay is that you don't have to be the fastest to win a great prize.  Do you have a sexy biking outfit?  Are you an encyclopedia of Queer history?  Do you know how to fix a flat tire? If you've answered "yes" chances are good that you can win a fabulous prize at Cirque du SoGay, and even if you don't, you'll probably still have a kickass time.

The "race" is designed to be welcoming of cyclists of all levels.  The "Virgin" route was designed for those who want to travel at a leisurely pace, take a moment to smell the flowers, adjust their wigs, and discuss Foucault.  The "Harder! Faster!" route was designed for competitive racers in for a hot, sweaty afternoon challenge.


After the ride, racers gather at a queer-friendly space for an awards ceremony, dancing and performances.  The dirtier and queerer, the better. 


Cirque du SoGay is a celebration of queer community and culture, and for that reason, we give back.  QBG strives to make CdSG a zero-cost event with a small entry fee to optimize community accessibility.  Race profits are donated to a community-based organization selected by the participants and the race planning committee.

Cirque du So Gay is made possible, in part, by the numerous community-based organizations, local businesses, and friendly corporations that allow us to loiter in their space and support us with prizes, publicity, and high fives.  Thank you sponsors !


Cirque du SoGay could also not happen without the support of numerous volunteers who help plan and staff race stops. 

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Want to volunteer? Do you have questions?  Message QBG.